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Varrojet Anti-Varroa Electric Smoker for bees

Care for bees requires a lot of time and attention. Especially if it concerns the health of bees, since they are affected by many different factors that even entire bee colonies are capable of destroying, varroa is one of them. If you do not conduct regular prevention, or in time not to detect it, the apiary may suffer significant losses.
One of the reliable assistants in the fight against varroatosis is the Varrojet Electric Smoker. This is one of the most advanced devices to combat varroa mites, which by 98% guarantees their destruction. It is easy to apply and, most importantly, effective.
It is possible to process hives with the help of varojets by any preparations. They fall into the hive in the form of smoke, which passes through the nozzle of the varobot, attached to the hive. For the required amount of smoke, you need to hold it for about 10 seconds. The processing of the hives with the help of the Varrozhet passes quickly and effectively.
A great advantage of the varobacket is that the smoke passes only into the hive, so the beekeeper's airways will not get irritated. When using this device, it is not necessary to wear a respirator. In addition, the varroget is suitable for the processing of hives of all types.

Using this tool has many advantages:

  •     Easy to handle and maintain;
  •     Can be used with all types of hives;
  •     The possibility of using any medications (amitraz (bipin), flumetrin or fluvalin);
  •     Complete dosage control;
  •     The beekeeper is protected from smoke;
  •     A safe method for determining the degree of infection of other hives;
  •     Extremely high efficiency per unit of time (about 10 seconds per hive);
  •     Long service life of the device (at least three years under conditions of work with the apiary in 100 hives).

Varrojet is driven by a micro motor from 2 AAA 1.5V batteries (batteries are not included in the scope of delivery).

Production: Serbia.