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Varostop , Treatment and Control of Varroa mites in bees


Product Information:

Each strip contains 3.6 mg of flumethrin (Flumethrinum). Each package contains 10 strips. - Varostop destroys up to 99.9% of all ticks in the hive. - The preparation is a thin wood strip impregnated with an active substance fluminetin. - Flumetrin is a synthetic pyrethroid with a contact acaricidal effect against the Varroa destructor (formerly Varroa jacobsoni), which does not have harmful effects on bees, queens, larvae.

Advantages of Varostop®-strips
  • High efficiency with delousing effect up to 100%;
  • Applied in the spring and in the autumn with a single treatment;
  • Easy to apply reducing the loss of labor and time in comparison with the other ways to treat; 
  • The medicinal form of a wooden strip excludes to a maximum extent the possibility the medicine to get into the bee products. No withdrawal period.
  • Do not use during the honey collection. There are maximum admissible concentrations for bee honey determined in the European Union.
  • Harmless to the bees, the queen and the brood. Well accepted with no side effects.
  • Not influenced by the temperature and moisture conditions in the nest;
  • No stress factor for the bee family when applied;
  • Used strips are easy to make harmless;
  • Varroa destructor shall not become resistant to its active substance – flumethrin;
  • A proper product at this stage for the prophylaxis and fight against varroatosis meeting the requirements of the conventional bee-keeping practice;
  • The productivity of the bee families is increased as a result of the treatment and the life duration of the bees is prolonged by keeping the young bees vital;
  • Allows accurate dosing and maximum efficacy when simultaneously applied by the bee-keepers in large regions with bee families;
  • Systematic delousing is achieved through the contact effect on the bees for a period of 35 days for adult and young forms of the acarus Varroa destructor through easy and accurate dosing with less manipulations by the bee-keeper;
  • Treating the bee families twice per year – in the spring to make the bees focus their efforts on the honey collection and in the autumn to allow the bee ball to spend the winter easier;
  • The product has trademark registered by the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria and an international trademark for 6 countries;
  • The product has License to use in 7 countries and is produced by Primavet – Sofia Ltd., Bulgaria, by keeping the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice;

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