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Varolom , Treatment and Control of Varroa mites in bees - 20 Strips

Product Information:
Varolom for the treatment of bees infected with varroa mite 10 strips
Pharmacological properties: the drug is used to treat bees infected with varroa mites.
Form: wooden plates with a hook impregnated with active acaricide. One plate contains 80 mg of Tau-fluvalinant.
The active substance of the drug "Varol" - fluvalinate, penetrates the body of the tick Varroa Jacobsoni (Varroa Jacobson) through the cuticle, paralyzes the nervous system and its subsequent death. High stability of the drug allows you to maintain activity for 30 days.
Dosage and Application:
The strips are placed in the hive in early spring and late autumn. Open the package directly on the apiary. With the help of the hook, the plate is fixed in an upright position in the inter-frame hive space
8 frames 1 plate is fastened between 4 and 5 frames; on 10-12 frames 2 plates between 3-4 and 7-8 frames; on 16 frames 2 plates between 4-5 and 10-12 frames.
Duration of treatment:
Without brood from 3 to 7 days, and in the presence of brood up to 30 days.
Do not combine with other drugs at the same time.
Wash hands after washing with soap and water.
Storage Conditions:
Store in a dry place protected from light, out of the reach of children and animals, away from food and feed, at temperatures between 0 ° C and + 25 ° C.


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