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Ecopol - diagnostics and control Varroa Mite 20 Strips


Product Information:

Ensuring your honey bee hive is free from mites and parasites is important, especially when these critters carry harmful diseases that can seriously effect your honey bees. Ecopol is an environmentally friendly drug treatment that aims to repel varroatosis, Acarapis woodi and the wax moth.

Varroatosis is a disease contracted by honey bees caused by Varroa Mites. Varroatosis can have major effects on your honey bees including deforming their wings. Acarapis woodi is an internal parasite in honey bees. Unlike Varroa mites who pass on disease, Acarapis woodi lives and reproduces in the tracheae of the honey bee.

Ecopol contains active ingredients such as essentials oils of thyme, coriander, wormwood and peppermint oil with high menthol levels.


Ecopol treatment should take place in the spring and summer-autumn period. We recommend strips to be placed in the hive at a rate of 1 strip every 6 frames. 

To fix strips in your nest/hive, attach the strip to a paper clip and thread a thin wire through the paper clip and attach in your hive. Leave the hive for between 3-30 days depending on the amount of shedding ticks and number of capped brood.


Keep in a dark, dry 5-25°C place, out of reach of animals and children and away from food. If kept in the listed conditions this drug has a 2 year shelf life.

Additional Information:

The Ecopol Drug successfully fightd the wax moth and simultaneously fights antiviral and anti-bacterial sanitiation next climate.

Additional Information:
ECOPOL successfully fights the wax moth. ECOPOL successfully and kills adult butterflies wax moth in the nest. Simultaneously, the antiviral and anti-bacterial "sanitation" nest microclimate.