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Steam Knife Type "Wedge" (Vertical)

Product Information:

The steam knife is made of high-quality stainless steel, has two tubes on each side, one of which connects the steam generator. The steam generator is not included in the scope of supply. Passing through the knife body, the steam warms it to the melting temperature of the wax, due to this, the knife easily removes the prints from the honeycomb.

Such knives are used in the "Wedge" device, this tool was created in order to simplify and accelerate the process of printout of cells. The frame with honey is placed on the movable part of the "Wedge" tool; in the middle of the tool is a knife, moving the frame with honey along the rails, the knife comes in contact with the frame and smoothly cuts all the prints in one pass. The frame is turned over to the other side and the procedure is repeated. Thus, for two passes, you will cut the zabrus from both sides of the frame. The entire procedure takes less than a minute.

There is a second device, the principle of which is based on the operation of the same knives. The device called - Vertical honeycomb printer, has a slightly different design than the "Wedge" tool. The vertical printer uses two knives at work. The knives are installed in an upright position, with blades up. The frame is placed between the metal guides and gradually descends, passing through the knives, the strip is removed simultaneously from the two sides of the frame.


Dimensions - 415x250x30 mm
Operating temperature - 70-90 ° C
Heating time to operating temperature - 3-5 min.
Consumption of water is not less than 2 liters per hour
Weight 975g

Dimensions of Frames:

Dadana-Blatta - 435x300 mm
Langstroth-Ruta - 435x230 mm
Shop half-frame - 435x145 mm
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