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Stainless Steel Bee Smoker (Large)


Product Information:

When working with a bee hive you can’t extract honey without the aid of a stainless steel bee smoker.  With the help of smoke, it’s easier to reduce the aggressive response of the bees and to drive them away from the hive for the duration of your work and extraction process without harming them. Bees become calmer, slower and don’t bite the beekeeper when smoke is deployed.

The apiary stainless steel smoker has a cylindrical shape and consists of several elements. At it’s core are two ‘glasses’. The outer cylinder is solid and made of stainless steel. The inner cylinder is smaller in diameter and has a trellised bottom. Leather furs are also attached to the body of the smoker.



Smouldering material such as chips are placed inside the middle section of the smoker. It is better to choose wood which has high smoke-generating potential. Air is supplied to the lower part of the housing through a special hole. Smoke is released via the whole in the smoker’s lid. When you hook on the lid, you can open the smoker when the temperature is still hot.



  • Height – 26cm
  • Outer diameter – 11cm
  • Bar diameter – 2mm
  • Material – Stainless Steel