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Stainless Steel Smoker with leather Bellows


When working with a bee hive you will often need to access the inside of it for a significant period of time; especially when extracting honey.  Beekeepers cannot do this without the assistance of a smoker.  With the help of smoke, it is possible to reduce the aggressiveness of the bees and to drive them away from the hive for the duration of your work without harming them.  When exposed to smoke, the bees become calmer, slower and less prone to stinging the beekeeper.

The standard smoker is designed to pacify bees with dense smoke and has a cylindrical shape which consists of several elements. At the heart are two ‘glasses’ which are made of stainless steel and are smaller in diameter has a perforated bottom. Furs are attached to the body.

The fur is made of genuine leather. The fur has a non-return valve that draws in air not from the smoker.


Material & Dimensions:

  • Material: 0.4mm stainless steel.
  • Dimensions: Diameter – 92mm, Height – 255mm
  • Smoker Weight: 0.790kg
  • Genuine leather fur.
  • Fur Sizes: 170 x 100mm



  • The principle use of the beekeeper smoker is as follows.
  • Smoldering material such as chips are placed in the middle of the smokers. It is better to choose wood which has a higher smoke-generating potential.
  • Air is funnelled through the hole in the lid until smoke comes out of it.
  • With the hook on the lid, you can open the smoker when it is still hot.