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Stainless Steel Bee Healing Smoker


Product Information:

The healing smoker is used to introduce smoke in the the nest of the bee colony, which is formed during the burning of certain medicinal products. Like a regular smoker, it consists of cylindrical body and bellows.

Unlike a regular smoker, it is equipped with an elongated nose. The case of the smoker is made of stainless steel and the fur is leather. There are holes in the borrom of the case.  When you press the furs, the air flows through them to enter the body; it then comes under the glasses, rises along with the smoke and passes through the nose of the smoker.

When using a medicinal smoker, they kindle it in the same way as a regular one but then a medicinal preparation is placed on top of hot coals. Smoke is fed through the long nose of the smoker which is in turn fed through to the hive.


Dimensions & Materials:

  • Height – 393mm
  • Weight – 905g
  • Spout Length – 280mm
  • Glass Diameter - 90mm
  • Material – Stainless Steel