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Sanroi Swarm Solution


Composition and Form of Issue:

Clear liquid from colorless to light straw, with a specific odor. Packed in glass bottles with aluminum caps of 10 ml.

Pharmacological Properties:

Sanroi Solution has a pronounced attracting effect for honey bees.


The drug is designed to attract and catch swarms in apiaries during the swarming of bee colonies.

Doses and Method of Application:

The drug is used during the mass swarming of bee colonies. To prevent loss and capture of swarms, bees prepare several hives or traps with 4-6 honeycomb frames for 2-3 years of use and wax. On the front walls of the hives / traps, 1 scrap of woolen cloth 3x10 cm in size, moistened with 1 ml of the drug, is attached to the front wall of the hatching area, one more patch moistened with the drug is suspended between the frames on the V-shaped metal hook or wooden hairpin. The hives are exposed on the south side of apiaries in one row. The traps are hung on poles or trees at a level of 3-5 m from the ground (in flight to the southeast) from the side of the prevailing winds. In the loaves use 1 piece of woolen cloth 3x10 cm in size, moistened with 1 ml of the drug, fixing them on the inner walls of the plant. Prepared swarms hang on the south side apiaries in one row on poles or trees at a level of 3-5 m from the ground from the side of the prevailing winds. After catching the swarm and keeping it in a cool dark room until evening, the bees are transplanted into the hive by sotoramki.

Adverse Effects:

No recommended doses are observed.


Not established.

Special Instructions:

The bottle should be opened immediately before use. The unused solution remaining in the bottle is tightly closed with a rubber stopper and wrapped around the neck with adhesive tape to prevent accidental opening or evaporation of the liquid.

Storage Instructions:

In a dry, dark place, away from heaters and sources of fire, separate from food and bee products; at a temperature of +5 to + 25 ° C. Shelf life - 3 years from the date of manufacture.


API-SAN, Russia.


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