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Honey Refractometer


Product Information:

The Honey Refractometer for honey “ATC” is designed to determine the density, sugar content and moisture content of honey.

It is used to measure the sugar content of pastes and thick substances including: sugar syrup, molasses, honey, jam and mashed potatoes.

Determining the moisture content of the honey with the refractometer proved its worth under routine control. Honey is hygroscopic, which means that is absorbs water easily. This property of honey can lead to its deterioration, so honey must be stored in a dry place. It is difficult to visually assess the water content of honey when pumping or buying it on the market. Different types of honey can vary in viscosity when sensing.

Every beekeeper should have a refractometer. Without determining the moisture content of honey, it is difficult to measure if the honey is mature or not. When pumping non-mature honey, there is a huge risk of souring the entire batch of pumped honey, which is not worth the risk in relation to the cost of investing in a refractometer.

Mature honey should contain no more than 21% moisture. If moisture is higher, then the honey is immature and requires fermentation.

Thanks to the use of a refractometer, beekeepers can take measures to reduce moisture content of honey in order to avoid damage to their valuable product.


Advantages of this Refractometer Model

1. It has three scales for determining the parameters of honey:
      • Brix 58-90% for measuring sugar content.
      • 38-43 be ° (Baume) scale shows the density of the honey.
      • 12-27% shows the water content (moisture) of the honey.

      2. Easy to handle and measure. Mandatory requirements for the operation of a pocket refractometer are wiping a prism and a transparent plate with a soft cloth after each use and protection from falling into the water.

      3. The device does not require any power sources. It uses ambient light and works without additional power sources (i.e. no requirement for batteries).

      4. Automatic temperature compensation (ATC). The device does not require recalibration with temperature changes as it is equipped with automatic temperature compensation.



      • Length: 140mm
      • Weight: 230


      Rules for Operation

      • There are certain for handling the device. Caution must be taken.
      • You should avoid vibrations and shocks when working with a refractometer, otherwise you may register incorrect readings.
      • After using the device, it is necessary to carefully clean the surface of the prism with a soft cloth.
      • Before removing the sample, it is necessary to apply a drop of water on the prism.