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Queen Bee Rearing Kit "NICOT-30"


The French system "NICOT-30": profitably to buy - easy to understand

Bonus: DVD video instruction and free consultation for the whole duration of the exploitation Nicot-30

This beekeping set will help new enthusiasts:

  • who doubt that they will handle the system by themselves;
  • who fear that during the breeding of queen bees “something goes wrong”. 

We recorded DVD video instruction for the system Nicot, so you could feel confident in your actions at once. This film in Russian language shows thoroughly and clearly the whole process of breeding of queen bees.

By buying Nicot-30 system from us, you get a gift disc with adapted translation for free.

Directly at the beehouses with bees, along with the authors of the film, step by step, you will pass the whole learning process for the breeding of queen bees, starting from putting of tape “Nicot” to the breeding family for getting of breeding material (eggs) ending with the pairing of young queen bees in the Nucleus (mini-hives).

Since 1973, when developing their systems, French specialists have conducted many cycles of testing of combs in the beeyard in the actual field conditions, taking into account all external factors. Therefore, as a result, the beekeepers received functional and effective comb.

The number in the name “Nicot-30” means the quantity of components for a single queen bee (holder for bowls + cap for holder + cell “curlers”).


Thus, the set of “Nicot-30” system includes:

  • Comb Nicot (tape in form of bee comb to isolate the queen bee at obtaining of breeding material) - 1 pcs. 
  • Set of Nicot bowls (there are 110 holes in the system for Nicot bowls) - 110 pcs.
  • Holder of bowl (for fixing of cups with larvae in them) - 30 pcs. 
  • Cap for holder of cups (is fixed to the attachment frame for mounting of the holder with the bowl) - 30 pcs. 
  • Cell “curlers” (for protecting of the queen bee or breed sheds) - 30 pcs. 
  • Instructions - 1 pcs. 
  • Bonus DVD disc with video instruction. 

But the system Nicot-30 is different from other sets by the fact that “30” is a “middle ground” in the line of Nicot combs. “Thirty” is especially useful for beginning beekeepers, who have not yet decided on the need for a number of queen bees. The system contains simultaneously both:
  • enough components for a successful start; 
  • and gives the opportunity to not pay extra money for the items of set that may not be necessary. 

In this case, you always have the option, if necessary, to additionally purchase the components to the Niot-30 set in our beekeeping store.
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