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Queen Bee Rearing Kit "NICOT-20"


The Nikot system set "Nicot-20"

The Nikot system has been developed by experts in the field of mathematics, taking into account all biological needs known to modern science about bees. The French company Nicoplast, during its existence, took the leading position and recognition for products for bees. The company exists more than 40 years (since 1973) and constantly develops and modernises the equipment of its production and manufactured products. Products for beekeeping are produced under the trademark Nicot ™.

All sets of Nikot kits consist of components that can be purchased separately. Especially it is convenient for beekeepers, who for the first time buy Nicot honeycomb and will be able to buy all the necessary components as required.

The Nikot system set "Nicot-20"

Kits for removing the queens of the Nikot system differ only in the number of components included in the kit. The figure in the name of the set indicates the number of elements for one queen bee (holder for the bowl + base for the holder + protective cage). Sets Nikot-20, Nikot-30 , Nikot-50 and Nikot-100 differ only in the number of elements for the system. Therefore, the selection of the kit should be based on the necessary need for the uterus. If over time the need for uterus increases, then you can buy all the details in our online store and increase the functionality of the existing system. Also, to enhance the capabilities of the Nikot kit, we recommend that you pay attention to the elements for the collection of royal jelly ( bowls in ribbons , tape holders, spoons for the selection of MM ).

The complete Nicot system " Nicot-20 " includes:
  • Sot Nikot (cassette, the basic cellular system of any set of Nicot) - 1 pc.
  • A set of Nicotte bowls (in the system 110 holes for Nicot bowls) - 110pcs.
  • Holders for bowls (for inserting bowls with larva) - 20 pieces.
  • Cap of the holder (fastened to the frame, it is worn with a holder with a bowl) - 20pcs.
  • Protective cell (cell "curlers" for isolation of the mother cell or uterus) - 20pcs.
  • User's manual (in original it comes in French) - 1 pc.


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