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Oxivit for diseases in honey bees - 10 strips

Product Information:
Beekeeping - Oxivit (10 strips) has a bacteriostatic effect.
Form of issue:
Cardboard strips impregnated with bactericide.
Pharmachologic Effect:
The oksivit (strips) has a bacteriostatic effect, suppresses the multiplication of gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms on bee larvae.
Dosage and Route of Administration:
Applied in the spring before the active honey harvest or in the summer after pumping commercial honey. Before treatment, sick families are distilled into clean, disinfected hives, frames with a highly damaged brood are removed. Nests are cut and warmed, if possible, bees are replaced with healthy uterus. The oksivit (strips) use one strip per 5-6 streets of bees, evenly placing it in the area where the brood is located. Treatment is repeated 3-4 times with an interval of 6-7 days or until the disappearance of clinical signs of the disease. They handle all the dysfunctional families in the apiary. Before using at a distance of about 1 cm from the edge of the strip, a hole is made through the awl through which a metal V-shaped hairpin with long shoulders is passed and the strip is fixed vertically in the center of the inter-frame space. Simultaneously, disinfection of the released hives and sotorokoks is carried out. Podmore and hive garbage are burned. Honey is pumped out 10 days from the last treatment and used for food on general grounds.
Special Instructions:
When working with the drug observe the generally accepted precautions and personal hygiene.
Polymer foil bags containing 10 strips each.
Storage Conditions:
Separate from food and feed for bees; At tº from + 5º to + 25º?.


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