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Oxalic Acid Powder Varroa Mite Treatment - 100 grams



 OXALIC ACID 100 Grams  

Varroa mite treatment OXALIC ACID

Beekeeping Oxalic Acid 5 packings x 20 grams or 1 pack 100 gram

Beekeeping Oxalic Acid. VAROMOR – Varroa Mite

oxalic acid is used as a highly effective acaricide in the fight against Varroa mites (Varroa jacobsoni).

A specially prepared solution of oxalic acid is used to treat the hives’ interframe space. This is necessary for disinfection, getting rid of parasites (specific mites), preventing the appearance of mold, pathogens. A 2% solution of oxalic acid is used. 

Consumption: 5-10 ml of solution for each interframe space. The frequency of treatment: three times in the spring, with an interval of a week, and also in the fall, when honey is collected, and the temperature is not lower than + 15ºC.

More options for use in beekeeping:

Recipe 1.

water – 0.5 cups;

sugar – 100 g;

oxalic acid – 7 g.

The resulting solution is once processed interframe space at the rate of 5 ml per entire hive.

Recipe 2.

pre-cooked sugar syrup 20% concentration;

oxalic acid to a concentration of 3.7%.

This solution also treats beehives once.