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Oksibaktocid treatment for diseases in bees - 20 strips


Product Information:

Oksibaktocid is a honey bee treatment specially formulated to medicate and prevent putrefactive diseases in your bees. Putrefactive diseases ultimately lead to the decay of the bee due to the putrefactive bacteria.

Product form:

The product contains effective antibiotics and excipients. All product is hermetically sealed in foil polyethylene bags.

Pharmacological action:

Oksibaktocid contains active substances in its preparation that suppress the reproductive ability of contacted gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms.

Quantity and Process:

Oksibaktocid should be administered before the prior to mass harvesting or in the summer months after your pumping of commercial honey.

Before treating bees, affected families should be distilled into clean, disinfected hives.

To start treating bees with Oksibaktocid, simply place the plates vertically on a fastening device i.e. wire and place into the street between the brood and the next frame. This should be done at a rate of one strip every 6 frames.

Treatment should be carried out two to three times removing the strips from the nest each new treatment. Please ensure each treatment has a duration of at least 6-7 days. In conjunction with treatment of your honey bees, all compnenets must be disinfected according to the instructions for the disinfection in apiaries. This includes honeycombs, hives and all working equipment. Podmore and hive refuse must also be burned.

Special instructions:

Open the package only on the apiary before processing bees. Honey, harvested by processed families, is used for food on general grounds.

Storage conditions:

Keep product in packaging of the manufacturer when storing. Oksibaktocid should be kept in a dry, dark place out of reach of animals and children as well as at temperatures of 0 – 25°C.

Shelf life: 3 years from the date of manufacture.

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