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Nozemat , Treatment for Pathogenic Diseases in bees


Product Information:

Nozemat is a honey bee treatment formulated to cure bees from pathogenic diseases such as nosematosis. The Nosema parasites attack the digestive cells in bees and multiply rapidly, leading to spore packed cells. The disease ultimately results in one bee catching the disease off another and therefore shows the importance of treating the disease when you identify it.

Pharmacological Properties:

Nozemat is a broad-spectrum honey bee treatment that is highly active against protozoan pathogen infestations and anaerobic bacterial infections. The treatment provides a therapeutic effect to your bees by easing the effects of pathogenic gastrointestinal bacterial infections.

Quantity and Process:

To feed Nozemat to honey bees, the drug can be either mixed with honey sugar dough (candy) or sugar syrup an should be administered in the early spring period before flyby. The product should be fed to the bees at a rate of 0.2g every 10 bee colonies. If treating your hive after spring dissolve 5g of Nozemat in your sugar syrup.

Bees should be treated twice with an interval of 5 days between each treatment. During treatment, whenever appropriate disinfect all beehives, working equipment and frames.

Storage Conditions:

Nozemat should be stored in a dry, dark place out of reach of animals and children. Ensure Nozemat I also stored separately to food and at a temperature under 30°C.

Shelf life: 2 years from date of manufacture

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