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Nosetom - Treatment for Nosematosis in bees


Product Information:

Nosetom is a honey bee prevention and treatment for Nosemosis and bacterial diseases. Nosemosis is a disease caused by microsporidia, a group of unicellular parasites. The disease is most common in adult honey bees and can have severe effects such as disjointed wings which can inhibit bees from flying.

Product Form:

The treatment is a light-yellow powder which is soluble in water and has a weak yet specific odour. Nosetom is a made up of ingredients such as ascorbic acid and glucose, hydrochloride metronidazole and oxytetracycline. All product is hermetically packed in a foil bag.

Quantity and Process:

2.5g of Nosetom is equal to 10 doses.

It is important to note treatment should be administered to bees within the spring (April-May) and autumn months (August-September). 

To administer Nosetom to bees it is most effective mixed with sugar syrup. To do this dissolve 20 g of Nosetom in sugar syrup and when mixed pour into the upper beehive at a rate of one litre every one bee family.

Treatments should take place every 4-5 days.

Special instructions: 

The first batch of honey received by bees after treatment period should be used specifically for food.

Storage Recommendations: 

Keep Nosetom in a cool, dry place protected from the light. The product must be kept at temperatures between 0 and 25°C and out of reach of children and animals.

The shelf life of 2 years must abode by.

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