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Muravinka - Treatment for varroatosis and acarapidosis of bees

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Product Information

Muravinka is a an effective acaricidal drug designed to treat acarapidosis and varroatosis. Acarapidosis is an invasive illness caused by the infinitesimal tick ‘Acarapis woodi’ that has severe effects on your bees including inhibiting flight. Varroatosis is caused by the Varroa jacobsoni, a mite which carries diseases such as chalkbrood which weakens honey bees.


Product Form:

The gel has a clear appearance however has an easily identifiable strong smell of formic acid. Muravinka contains the active substance formic acid (80.0%) and gellant. The product is packed into acid-permeable, non-woven packets at rate of 30 grams per packet. These packets are the packed into a polymer can with control of the first opening.

Biological Properties:

  • In the preparation of Muravinka the substance formic acid is used. Formic acid has sharp acaricidal effects against both adult Varroa jacobsoni and Acarapis woodi.

  • "Muravyinka" refers to the 3rd class of danger i.e. moderately hazardous substances, for warm-blooded animals (GOST 12.1.007). This is due to the local irritant effect it has on the skin and mucous membranes if animals when inhaled.

  • Muravinka is not toxic to bees as long as a beekeeper abides by the recommended form and dose. The drug will not adversely affect the livelihoods and productivity of bee families.

Quality and Process:

Muravinka treatment should be administered in the spring, after the first inspection of your honey bees and in the summer-autumn period after pumping out the honey.
When carrying out treatments for either Varroatosis and Acarapidosis the following guidelines should be abided by:
  • Treatments should be carried out with a 7 day gap between each treatment at a rate of 1 packet per 1 family.
  • Treatment for Varroatosis- Carry out two times.
  • Treatment for Acarapidosis- Carry out three times.
    with an interval of 7 days at the rate of 1 packet per 1 family, 5-12 ulcers.

Before using Muravinka, open the can and remove the bag before placing it on the upper cars of the sotorokok under the canvas. When the acid evaporates, remove the packet from the hives and dispose of the appropriately.
If the drug is to mix with marketable honey it cannot be sold. Therefore to avoid this, treatment should be terminated/concluded no later than 14 days before your main honey collection.


Storage Recommendations:

Muravinka should be stored in a dry place which is out of reach of animals and children as well as away from open flames and heating appliances. The product should be kept separate from feedstuffs and food as well as at temperatures between 0 and 35 °C.

Please Note: The shelf life if Muravinka is 2 years from the date of its manufacture.

Health and Safety Precautions:

  • When handling Muravinka standard levels of hygiene should take place. Beekeepers should also use rubber gloves and a respirator.
  • It is recommended not to smoke, eat or drink when working with Muravinka.
  • When finishing work with Muravinka for that period, was you hands and face with soap and water as well as washing and drying equipment used/worn such as gloves
  • Never use the drug after its expiration date.
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