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ManHao Fluvalinate treatment for varroa mites in bees

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Product Information:
Manhao Fluvalinate is a honey bee treatment used to prevent and destruct varroa mites in your hive.

Due to the high concentration of the strips it is important to not overdose your beehive. Therefore, depending on your level of rancidity and bee family, a different number of strips should be used.

Optimally, the results of Manhao will be the total clearance of Varroa Mites from your hive. When hives are fitted with Manhao varroa mites experience spasmodic bursts in their muscles. This disruption of movements eventually leads to the mite dying and in turn clearing your hive.
Product Form:
Yellow, highly concentrated strips with a slight smell.
Quantity and Process:
Before use, strips should be divided into 2 parts and used by the recommendations below.
Small Bee Family – Half a strip
Large Bee Family – One strip, divided into 2 pieces
Small No° Mites – Half a strip
Large No° of Mites – One strip, divided into 2 pieces
Before treating all your bees please ensure to test Manhao on a few bee families before carrying out the process on your whole apiary.

Treatment should commence between the spring and autumn months due to this being the non-fertilising period or when the brood is removed from the family. For the most effective results, strips should be administered in the morning in good weather conditions.

Strips should be placed in the quarter zone of your beehive to ensure bees can move along from either side of your frames. To suspend the strips in your hive simply thread material such as a thin wire or a paper clip through the ready made hole and hang in your hive.

It is common that adult mites will fall to the bottom of your hive within 30 minutes of the strips being present and younger mites will die within 21-28 days.


Please Note!

Treatment with Manhao should take place a maximum of 2 times a year.

It is also essential gloves and a respirator are worn when handling Manhao. After installation, you should ensure to wash your hands and store Manhao in a dry, cool place out of reach of animals and children.


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