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Kovitsan bee vitamins


Product Form


Pharmacologic Qualities

Kovitsan consists of a complex of vitamins and cobalt that work together to provide the necessary nutrients to bees. The powder also has a stimulating effect on the biological activity of bees and their reproductive capacity.

Quantity and Process

Kovitsan should be used before the beginning of the main honey collection or after its termination.

Kovitsan can be administered to honey bees by mixing them with sugar substances. We recommend mixing 2.5 g of Kovitsan with 5kg of honey-sugar ad then fed to the bees at that rate of 0.5kg per family. After the spring flight it is best advised to mix 2.5 g of Kovitsan with 50 ml of warm water till dissolved, then mix with 10 litres of sugar syrup.

To feed the mixture to bees, pour the mixture in the upper feeding trough at the rate of 100 ml per frame. Treatment should take place one every 3 days for 10-13 days and honey harvested from processed families should be used for your bees families.


10 doses of 2.5 g, packaged in laminated paper.

Storage conditions:

Stored in a dark, dry place separated from food and out of reach of animals and children. The temperatures Kovitsan is stored at should be between 5 and 25°C.

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