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Jero Frame Gripper Tool With Chisel Tip


Product Information:

This Jero Frame Gripper Tool from the Portuguese manufacturer Jero gives the beekeeper many advantages when working with bees.

Like all Jero products, the grip is characterised by the ease of use and the high build quality of the product.

The yellow colour means the gripper tool can always be found in the apiary and means that beekeepers don’t have to waste time trying to find it amongst the other tools in their collection.

The pointed teeth of the Jero gripper allow you to securely fix so you can easily hold the bee frame.

Given the high importance of the chisel in the apiary, the Jero manufacturer has also equipped this tool with a chiselled grip who’s grip allows you to use only one device instead of several.



Handle length with chisel – 18.5cm

Height – 10.5cm



Portugal Jero Beekeeping