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Beekeeping Horizontal Honey Uncapping Machine (12V)


Product Information:

The stainless steel horizontal honey uncapping machine is a reliable component to add to your honeycomb uncapping process. The heated blades are positioned sideways and are pre-sharpened to give a smooth result with minimum wastage.

The equipment operates on a power of 12 V however you can use the power from a step down transformer of 220. The tool has an operating temperature of 70-90°C which is made possible by two heaters that use 70 W each.

Attention: When handling frames in the process of moving them, a beekeeper’s hands will be very close in proximity to the blades. This task should be carried out with caution and the correct safety equipment.


Dimensions - 870x430x70 mm

Weight - 4500 g

Power - 140 W (2 heaters of 70 W)

Operating voltage - 12 V AC or DC

Operating temperature - 70-90 ° C

Productivity - 2-4 frames / min 

Material - stainless steel

Heating time to operating temperature - 3-5 min.

Dimensions of frames

Dadana-Blatta - 435x300 mm
Langstroth-Ruta - 435x230 mm
Shop half-frame - 435x145 mm