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Honeycomb Puzzle


Product Information:

Honeycomb puzzles are designed to collect perga from your honey bees. Perga is a fermented mixture of pollen, nectar, wax and digestive fluids that bees that bees aim to preserve.

A honeycomb puzzle provides your bees with readymade honeycombs that your bees can use as soon as fitted rather than making their own. Honeycomb puzzles are made of plastic and each comb has a thickness of 0.36 mm.

The puzzles can be attached to the upper lath of your bee frame and can then be further fixed between themselves with clamps or wire.


The required number of honeycomb puzzles for the frame :

- Dadana-Blatt (435x300 mm) - 24 pcs;

- Ruta (435х230 mm) - 16 pcs;

- Shop (435x145 mm) - 12 pcs.

- Ukrainian (300x145 mm) - 24 pcs;


Dimensions - 105x95x15 mm
Weight - 60 g


The location of the honeycomb-puzzle when sealing the bee - egg update :

The location of the honeycomb puzzle when pushing the pens :