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Honey Decrystallizer

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Product Information:

Finding an effective method to decrystallize your honey is important especially when you intend to sell the product. A beekeeper’s honey decrystallizer consists of a heated sleeve that can be wrapped around all types of tanks including plastic and metal.

The heated sleeve aims to melt crystallized honey till it becomes liquid. This device is useful as it provides you with a safe way of de-crystallising your honey.

Can I put my honey in the microwave?

You should NEVER put your honey in the microwave to decrystallize it. Microwaves are designed to generate heat that fundamentally explodes water molecules within the item. This explains why some microwavable cooking items require you to add water, this will not however work with decrystallizing your honey.


Technical specification:

Dimensions: 1120x370x15 mm

Weight: 1 kg

Power: 50 W

Operating voltage: 220 V

Running temperature: 0-50°C

This Product comes with a two pinned European plug.

Tank is not included in this sale .