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Hive Tool Scraper / Chisel Tool

Hive Tool Scraper / Chisel Tool Information:

Chisels of stainless steel with a wooden handle is one of the main tools that the beekeeper constantly uses.

It is intended for cleaning bars of frames from propolis, wax build-ups, with its help, during the inspection of the family, they move the frames into the hive, scrape and clean the walls, the ceiling of the hive, its dividing board, folds, bottom. A chisel separates the upper body of the hive from the lower one.

The chisel has a blade and wooden pads, fastened together in a hilt. One straight extended end, sharpened on both sides, and the other, bent at an angle of 70 ° -85 °, is sharpened from the outside. The chisel serves as a scraper.

Dimensions of chisel:
The length is 200 mm,
The width is 25 mm in the middle part, 35-45 mm at the ends,
The height is 26 mm,
Thickness - 3 mm.