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Fumisan , Treatment for Varroa Mites in bees - 20 Strips


Product Information:

Fumisan is a treatment designed to prevent Varroa Mites in your hive and therefore eradicate their effects. 

Varroa Mites are tiny external parasites that transmit diseases such as chalkbrood to your honey bees. Varroa mites can cause the honey bee to cripple leading to impaired flight performance and therefore a longer rate of return to the hive.


Product Form:

Fumisan comes in the strips of wooden veneers all infused with acaricide, which is poisonous to mites and ticks.


Quantity and Process:

After surveying your honey bee families and extracting the current honey, your bees are ready for treatment. Treatment should be carried out in the spring and summer-autumn period and carried out on a basis of 1 strip every 6 frames.

To fit the Fumisan sheets in your hive, make a hole at one end and thread through a supportive material such as a wire ensuring the strip will be hung vertical. Place the strip in the centre of the streets near the back wall of the hive.

Please Note: Fumisan strips should not be left in hives for over 4 weeks and honey collected from processed families should be removed no earlier than 10 days after last treatment.



When using this product, it is important to only open the package when you intend to fit the treatment in your hive.

It s important to follow all precautions the product suggests as well as maintain personal hygiene.



Fumisan should be kept in a dark, dry 5-25°C place, away from food and out of reach of children and animals.