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Fluvalidez , Prevention of Varroatosis in bees - 20 strips


Product Information:

Fluvalidez® is a pronounced acaricidal and repellent against alleculinae, akarapidoza, varroatosis and the wax moth. The honey bee parasite treatment protects against Varroatosis and akarapidoza which are both parasitic diseases that affect honey bees in many ways including damaging their wings. The essential oils and active ingredients in Fluvalidez® aim to repel insects such as wax moths and alleculinae beetles that can be menaces in hives.

Product form:

The product consists of 200x20x0.8 mm strips of wood which hold essential oils such as lavender, rosemary and thyme as well as active ingredients like fluvalinate. This ensures your beekeeping is ecologically friendly.

Please Note: Fluvalidez® does not provide complete resistance against parasites, other insects and diseases.


Quantity and Process:

After an inspection of your colony, the treatment should be carried out in the spring and summer-autumn period after a honey extraction.

To begin treatment strips should be placed in the centre of your bee hive at a rate of 1 strip every 6 frames.

At Beebox2u we recommend paper clips as a method of fixing the strip in the hives. Simply fit the paper clip onto the strip (ensuring the strip will be hung vertically), then thread a thin wire through the paper clip and suspend in your hive. Finally leave the strips in the hive for 3-30 days depending on the quantity of capped brood.

Special instructions:
Only open the package just prior to the treatment of bees.
10 strips in sealed bags.

Storage conditions:
Keep in a dark, dry room out of reach of animals and children. Fluvalidez should not be kept by food and in tmperatures abov or below 0-25°C.