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Flumet-Riy Treatment for Varroatosis in Bees - 30 strips

Indications for use: Flumet-Riy is intended for the diagnosis and treatment of varatosis (Varroa destructor), as well as for carrying out complex preventive measures for acarapidosis (Acarapis woodi), brucellosis (Braula coeca) and wax moth (Galleria mellonella).
Release form: Foil polymer bag containing 10 strips of 200x20x0.8 mm wood veneer.
Ingredients: One strip contains the active ingredients: flumetrin – 3.85 mg / pl, thymol – 80 mg / pl, juniper essential oil – 30 mg / pl, rosemary essential oil – 25 mg / pl, lavender essential oil – 25 mg / pl.
Pharmacological action: The drug “Flumet-Riy” has a pronounced insecticidal and antiparasitic effect in the treatment of varicose veins, and for carrying out a complex of preventive measures for acarapidosis, brucellosis and wax moth. Active ingredients of Flumet-Riy preparation – flumethrin, thymol, juniper essential oil, rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil, have a selective effect on ectoparasites. The active substances of the drug “Flumet-Roy” interact with the sodium tubules of nerve cell membranes, resulting in delayed repolarization of the nerve cell membrane of ectoparasites. Active substances of the drug “Flumet-Riy” cause prolonged over-excitation in the nerve cells of ectoparasites, which leads to damage, paralysis, and death of ectoparasites.
Flumetrin is a synthetic analog of the natural substances of pyrethroids that have an active repellent and insecticidal action.
Thymol – a physiologically active substance contained in thyme essential oil, is widely used in beekeeping as a remedy for varroasis and acaropidosis of bees.
The combined effect of the highly active substances contained in the preparation Flumet-Roy – flumethrin and thymol, reliably provides its high acaricidal activity in the treatment of varatosis (Varroa destructor), as well as juniper essential oil, rosemary essential oil, lavender ether, and lavender ether. when carrying out complex preventive measures for acarapidosis (Acarapis woodi), Browella (Braula coeca) and wax moth (Galleria mellonella). The use of “Flumet-Riy” strips does not lead to the emergence of new populations of ticks and increased resistance.
Dosage and method of use: The treatment of Flumet-Roy preparation of bee families affected by Varroa destructor mite is carried out in the spring, after the first plunge, in the summer and in the autumn, after the end of the honeycomb period. Flumet-Roy can be used at any time of the year for the treatment of varroatosis in cases of intensive invasion of bee families.
Before hanging the strips, the bottom of the hive is covered with a clean sheet of paper. 24 hours after the strips are hung, the bottom is checked for Varroa destructor varroa mites.
Varroatosis treatment: Treatment of bee colonies affected by Varroa destructor mite or tracheal Acarapis woodi mite, Flumet-Roy preparation is carried out in spring, summer and autumn. Treatment of bee families with the drug “Flumet-Roy” is carried out at the rate of 2 plates per 1 beekeeping force of 10 nest frames, with placement between 3-4 and 7-8 sotoramok, and 1 plate per beekeeping force of 5 nesting frames, with placement in the center of the socket. In case of severe tick damage, 1-2 strips of Flumet-Riy preparation for 10 weeks should be added.
The drug strips are left in the nest for 3 to 20 days, depending on the amount of printed brood.
After 5-7 days, due to the intense evaporation of the essential oil and sublimation of thymol, the effectiveness of the plates drops slightly, so if necessary to continue processing, it is necessary to place additional 1-2 strips of the drug, depending on the degree of mites.
Caution: Do not use Flumet-Roy together with other anti-varatosis and nosematosis drugs! Honey derived from bee families treated with Flumet-Roy is used on a common basis for food. Flumet-Roy packaging should be opened in the apiary immediately before use.
Safety precautions: Do not eat, drink, smoke or drink while handling the product. Wash hands thoroughly with soap after work.
Storage conditions: Flumet-Roy must be stored in a hermetically sealed container in a dark, dry cool place, separate from food and agrochemicals. Flumet-Roy should be stored out of the reach of children and pets at 0 ° C to 20 ° C.