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Flocontact Treatment for Bees Infected with Varroa Mite - 40 Strips


Product Information:

Pharmacological properties - Flocontact is used to treat bees infected with varroa mites.

One plate contains 3.6 mg of fluomethrin.


Treatment of bee families is carried out in the early spring and autumn at an air temperature not lower than + 10 ° C.

Open the package directly on the apiary. With the hook the plate is fixed vertically in the space between the hive and remains there for a period of 7 to 30 days.

on 8 frames, 1 plate between 4 and 5 frames;
on 10-12 frames 2 plates between 3-4 and 7-8 frame;
on 16 frames 2 plates between 4-5 and 10-12 frames.

Contraindications: do not combine with other drugs.
Precautions: wash hands with soap after work.

The use of honey for food purposes is allowed not earlier than 2 weeks after the last treatment.

Storage conditions: Store in original packaging in dry protected from light, inaccessible to children and animals, separately from food and feed, at a temperature from 0 ° C up to 25 ° C.

Form of production: one package contains 10 plates with a hook. Storage conditions: 2 years from the date of manufacture.
Producer: "Melissa-93", Ukraine.