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Electric Stainless Steel 40W Honey Uncapping Knife (12V)


Product Information:

The Electric Stainless Steel 40W Honey Uncapping Knife (12V) is an invaluable tool when it comes to removing the honey from your frame. The heated knife effortlessly removes your honey bees wax from the frame, leading to improved honey collection and quicker return of your frame to the hive. This uncapping knife can be powered by either a 12V battery or the city electric network.


Guide for usage:

Place frame on a secure surface.

Hold the frame tightly and tilt it slightly towards you to ensure cappings fall away from the frame.

After this, hold the blade at the top of the frame and pull towards so the blade slides behind the capping.

The cappings will now fall into your collecting container and be ready for the next stage.

Please Note: The knife does not have to be razor sharp as the heat from it helps remove the cappings.


Attention! An electric knife should never be left connected to the electrical network for more than 6 minutes. Failure to follow this rule can lead to damage due to the overheating of the device.



Blade Length: 23 cm

Blade Width - 4 cm

Power - 40 W

Operating voltage - 12 V

Working Temperature - 70-90°C


We offer FREE worldwide shipping.

Europe – 10 – 14 working days

America and States – 12 – 17 working days

Australia – 14 – 20 working days.