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12V/ 10W Electric Bee Hive Heater

Code: 654320874

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  • 58.95

Product Information:

An electric heater for your bee hive can be highly beneficial, especially in colder periods of the year. It works by warming air inside the hive and therefore keeping your bees warmer during the spring extension.

The device uses ceramic-metal heating elements that are environmentally safe due to not emitting any harmful substances or electromagnetic radiations.

Technical specifications:

Nominal Supply Voltage: 12 ± 1V.

Power: 10W.

Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 10 mm.

Weight: not more than 0.1 kg.

The nominal temperature of the shell surface (at a temperature of +10 º C) is not more than 50 º C.

Warm Up Time: <10 minutes



To ensure safe operation and to prevent electric shocks do not connect a heater to mains with a voltage more than 12 volt.

User's Guide

1) Place the heater on a flat surface with a metal side facing upwards.

2) Unscrew the two screws at the end of the connector block with a flat or cross-shaped screwdriver to 4 mm.

3) Next, strip the two ends of the electrical two-wire cord so that the wires are 6-7 mm long. If your wire consists of stranded conductors, then you can fold them for rigidity into the beam.

4) Insert the striped wires individually into the hole of the connecting block.

5) Keep the edge of the electric cord near the heater whilst holding it and tighten the two unscrewed screws on the connection block as much as possible.

6) Now pull the other end of the electric cord near to the edge of the heater whilst holding the heater and ensure the wire are secure in the connection block.

7) Connect the end of the power source to a power source of 12 ± 1 Volts.

8) Now leave the heater or 7-10 minutes to heat up and hold hand near to feel if heated.

9) After this disconnect the power cord from the power source.

10) Now place the heater inside you hive housingwith the plastic housing part up.

11) When this is completed, reconnect the end of the power cord to the 12 V power supply.

12) Once finished the heating process, disconnect the power supply.

13) Next remove the heater from its position and let cool.



1) To preserve the appearance of the heaters surface, wipe each side with a soft rag.

Do not use benzine, acetone or other solvents for wiping.

2) Never let water in the heater before use.

If water is to enter the heater in this circumstance dry for st least 20 minutes with a warm air flow such as a hairdryer.


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