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Ecocide S

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Ecocide S is a complex effective, highly active disinfectant for safe protection against all known viruses that infect bees.

Has a bactericidal effect.


Fine-grained powder of pink-gray color with a scent of lemon is very soluble in water.


100 g of the preparation contain potassium active peroxymonosulphate - 50.0 g

Method of application:

The working solution is prepared at the rate of 10 grams of Ecocid S powder, per 1 liter of non-chlorinated water. Water should be warm - then the drug dissolves more quickly.

The working solution treated the wooden parts of the hive, and the frame with bees and brood by fine-dispersed irrigation.

When processing frames with bees, the consumption is 5-10 ml. working solution per 1 frame. Processed by the family in the spring, in a warm time. The working solution is stored for about 5 days (after precipitation, it is not suitable for use).


A pack of laminated foil weighing 50 g.

After opening the package, the powder Ecocid S retains its properties for 28 days, and in the closed state - 3 years.



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