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Bisanar 2ml , treatment for varroa mites in bees - 5 PCS

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Product Information:

Maintaining the health of your honey bees is critical, especially when infested with Varroa Mites. Bisanar is a medical remedy which aims to cure and prevent the Varroa mites in your hive.

Bisanar contains a range of active ingredients including Coriander, Fir oils, Oxalic acid and Timol. The mixture should be clear with a yellowish tint and a specific odor.


Doses and Method of Application:

The preparation below is most effective in the spring and autumn months.

To prepare the treatment for use for your honey bees, dissolve 2ml in 2 litres of 35-40°C water which should result in a colourless emulsion. To carry out treatment, gather the emulsion in a syringe and water a thin stream of the liquid between the frame work at a rate of 10 ml on one small street.

Treatment is best carried out twice. As a beekeeper you should ensure to leave a 7 day interval between treatments and carry it out in the first half of the day at temperatures of +10°C.  

To prevent contamination, treatment should be stopped no later than 2 weeks prior to honey collection.