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Bipin-T 1ml , Treatment for Varroa Mites In bees - 5 Pcs


Release Form

  • Bipin-T is a honey bee treatment aiming to treat and prevent diseases caused by Varroa Mites.
  • The solute contains the active substances amitraz and thymol.
  • It ranges from a light yellow to yellow colour and has a specific smell.



  • The ideal time to use this treatment is in the spring and autumn months dues to this being a period of time when there is no brood in the colony.
  • The solution must be diluted before use.
  • Dilute 1ml of solution in 2 litres of 35-40°C water.
  • The diluted emulsion can be withdrawn with a syringe and distributed into your hives at a rate of 10ml per hive.


Method of Application

  • Treatment should take place twice taking 7-day intervals between each treatment.
  • Treatment should be carried out in the first half of the day in treatments above 10°C.
  • Treatment should be at least 2 weeks before the main honey flow to avoid marketable honey being affected.
  • The first treatment should be carried out directly after a honey collection
  • The second treatment should be carried out before directing families for the winter.


Storage Conditions

  • The manufacturer recommends storage in a dry, dark place, away from children, at temperatures from 0 to + 25° C.


Shelf Life

  • Expiration date: 2 years from date of manufacture.



  • Agrobioprom