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Beepin-Thymol treatment for varroatosis in bees

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PHARMACOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS. The drug has a pronounced acaricidal effect against varroa mites .

APPLICATION.Diagnostics and treatment of varroatosis of bees.

DOSAGE.The drug is used for treatment of varroatosis of bees in spring and autumn periods without the brood in bees families. Before application 1 ml of the drug is diluted in 2 liters of warm (35-40°C) water to obtaining uniform emulsion of milk color. Prepared emulsion type in a syringe and pour with a thin stream on bees that are in the streets, at the rate of 10 ml per street. Processing should be performed twice with an interval of 7 days. It is recommended double application: first processing immediately after the pumping of honey and honey yield; second – before staging of families for the winter (in the presence of varroa mites on adult bees).


PRECAUTIONS.Do not process families less than 4-5 streets. Honey collected by treated families use in food on general practice.

STORAGE.In a dry, dark, inaccessible to children place and away from heating appliances and open flame sources, at temperature from 0°C to 30°C.
Expiration date – 2 years from manufacturing date.