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Bee frame wire tensioner


Product Information:

A bee frame wire tensioner is a great way to increase the efficiency of your beekeeping. The wire tensioners work by passing wire through holes in your frame and pulling them to your desired strength.

The component consists of two elements; handles of coil and a tensioning device that work together to not only speed up the process of wire drawing but also qualitatively pulls the wire. Our tensioner is designed to fit frames of various sizes and can easily be adjusted to fit your frame.

Before work takes place, you must ensure the handle for coil and the tensioner are at least 10-15cm part and that the component is fixed to a secure surface with fixing bolts.

Dimensions (DSHV) - 650 x 350 x 200 mm.
Weight - Under 4 kg.
Performance - 1 frame per minute.

No of rows of wire - from 2 to 5.