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Bisanar - Varomor Smoke Cannon Solution 2PCS - 100ml

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Product information:

As a beekeeper it is essential to maintain the health of your hive. Bisanar is made to create direct action against adult Varroa mites that can cause your honey bees diseases such as chalkbrood.

Product form:

Bisanar comprises of active ingredients such as Kariandrovoe, Pine oil, Thymol and Oxalic acid. The mixure has a slight odor and is clear with a yellowish tint.

Dosage and application:

Treatment dosage is based on 1 jock (force 6-7 family framework) and 2 pitching (force 12-14 family frames). Treatment should be carried out twice with an interval of 7 days in between treatments and at temperatures of at least 10°C.

After screwing the Bisanar to your smoke gun, follow the instructions for operation for your smoke gun for the best results.

The treatment should end at least 30 days before honey collection to avoid the contamination of drugs in marketable honey.


Before treating your honey bees, your colonies should be checked to ensure therapeutic efficacy and safety. This should be done in the first 2-3 families and their conditions should be checked over the course of 24 hours.

Please Note: An overdose of Bisanar can be dangerous to the honey bee and should be avoided.

Plastic bottles of 50 ml designed for the treatment of up to 25 bee colonies which is 12-14 frames.
Storage Conditions:
Keep in dark place and store at a temperature of 5 - 25°C.