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Varomor Oxalic Acid Bee Vaporizer


Product Information:

A beekeeping varroa mite vaporiser is the ideal way to free your hive from mites and therefore maintain the health of your bees. The Varomor Smoke Cannon vaporiser operates on the principle of high temperature evaporation of active substances combined with solvents. These solutions flush mites from your hives decreasing the chance of your bees conducting a disease.


Height: 265 mm;
Width: 190 mm;
Length: 700 mm;
Weight: 1950 g;
Efficacy (active ingredient amitraz) for the entire treatment period 98.9 - 99.9%
Productivity: 100 bee families for 20-30 minutes.



Before any treatment can take place, the Varomor device must be equipped with a gas cartridge. See below for instructions on how to carry on this step. This work should be carried out in an outdoor environment. Firstly, unscrew the ring of pressure located on the gas can and turn the gas supply knob in a clockwise direction.
Next insert the convex side of the gas cartridge into the lower section of the gas burner. After rotating the ring of pressure on the threaded connection, pierce the gas canister with a needle. If all steps are followed correctly, there should be no gas leakage.

The device for fumigation of bees in varioze "Varomor" can dispense different active substances with the appropriate solvents. Preparation of working solutions is carried out according to the recommended proportions.

Bee fumigating devices can dispense a range of active substances with the appropriate solvents. Lite below are a range of working substances.

Solution No°1 – Solution 1 is suitable for fumigating 25 bee colonies. This solution consists of 15g of oxalic acid, 15g of thymol and 100ml of ethyl alcohol. At first the oxalic acid is added to the ethyl alcohol and heated in a 40-50°C water bath until all crystals of acid are completely dissolved. This is when the thymol should be added and stirred until all components are combined.

Solution No°2 – Solution 2 is suitable for fumigating 50 bee colonies. For this solution 5ml of tactics, Bipin-t or Bipin should be added to 100ml of purified kerosene and mixed until a white looking fluid appears with no precipitate

- solution number 3 - take 100 ml of water and add 5 ml of tau-fluvalinate and warm in a water bath (temperature 40-50 degrees) until the drug dissolves completely. As a result, 105 ml of a healing solution is obtained, which is sufficient for processing 50 bee colonies.

Solution No° 3 – Solution 3 is also suitable for fumigating 50 bee colonies. To create solution 3, take 5ml of tau-fluvalinate and 100m of water and then warmed in a bath of 40-50°C until completely dissolved.



Firstly, open the gas supply tap by turning the crane handle counter-clockwise and then light the flame of the gas burner. You can do this by pressing the ignition trigger. From this you can adjust the gas supply to your desired mode but ensure the flame of the burner does not extend beyond the outer protective circuit of the roaster.

After a few minutes, the hydraulic fluid can be pumped into the system along with the working fluid until the appearance of persistent smoke clouds from the nozzle show. As this happens the drive handle should be pulled back to the stop. It is important to remember the fluid is dispensed when the handle is released and that the dispenser is adjusted to supply 1 cc of working fluid.

Next, inject the nozzle at a depth of 1-3 cm into the lower duct, and feed 1-2 of the smoke club into the nest when using tau-fluvalinate or amitraz or 4-5 smoke clubs when using oxalic acid with thymol. We recommend not to use working solution No.1 whilst bees of a young barren uterus are in the nest and when the air temperature is over 30°C.

The gas supply tap should be closed after the completion of treatment.

In the summer processing is only allowed 45 days before the first pumping of honey or after the last pumping of honey as well as 7 days before pollen collection. The processing of bee colonies should be carried out at evening, directly in the hive as the flight bees will have returned from the field at this time. In calm weather it is suitable to leave tap holes open during treatment however, in windy weather we recommend closing the tapes for at least 15-20 minutes.

In the attendance of brood in the processing nest carry treatment out 4 times with an interval of 3 days between each treatment.

In the autumn period, the treatment is ideally carried out at a temperature of 2-8°C. This is because under such conditions all mites that have been crumbling without contact with bees are killed. In this period treatments should be done 1-2 times at intervals of 3-4 days. To loosen the cub of bees and improve the contact of all the bees of the family with smoke it may be desirable to introduce smoke clubs with exposures of 5-10 minutes.

Gas cylinder not included due to postal restrictions.


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