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Askosan - Treatment to Fight Fungi in bees

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Product Information:

Askosan is a powder active against fungi of the genera Ascosphaera and Aspergillus. Aspergillus fungi can cause dangerous viral problems for the honey bee and is suspected to be the reason for the decline in the honey be population worldwide. Ascosphaera is passed on by insect pathogens which cause the chalkbrood disease that can heavily effect honey bees. 

Quantity and Procedure

Prior to treatment, strongly affected bees should be removed and placed in a clean, disinfected have. Unwell families should be cut, warmed and replaced with healthy queens.

The mixture should be prepared the before use at the rate of 5g of Askosan for 500g of powdered sugar. The mixture should then be dusted at a rate of 5g per frame. 

Treatment should be repeated 3 to 4 time in 6 to 7 day intervals or until clinical signs of disease disappear. It is important to remember to properly disinfect released hives, equipment and honeycombs as well as burn any podmore and litter from the hives.

Special instructions.

Treatment with Askosan should be carried out only ever by dusting.


Packages of laminate paper: 5 g - 10 doses.

Storage conditions.

Store in a dry, dark place, separate from food and out of reach of child and animals. Product should be stored at temperatures from + 5º to + 25º.