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Apiroy Honey Bee swarm gel

Product Information:

Includes: 1 pc (0.88 oz / 25 g / 8 doses)

Beekeeping can be hard at times, especially when attempting to lure bees to your bee hive. Apiroy Swarm Lures are a highly effectual method of luring feral colonies to your hives and an inexpensive way of increasing your apiary population. Apiroy Swarm Lure works by attracting an abundance of scout bees to your hives which are sent out in preparation for swarming. This increases the likelihood that your bat will attract a colony. The all-natural ingredients of Apiroy reflect the nasonov pheromone which enhances the probability of swarms sticking to your bait hive once you have attracted them.

The gel is white in colour and consists of synthetic attractants as well as 100% eco-friendly, natural fragrances.


Quantity and Procedure:

At the estimated period of bees swarming the gel can be applied daily in 1g amounts evenly spread in a circle with a diameter of 8-10 mm. You can also place 10g of gel on swarming baskets and hang them on trees and poles at 3 to 5 metres from the windward side.

It is important to check your swarms at least once every two days and care for your honey bees carefully.