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Apimam - Swarm Bait

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Apimam is used to catch swarms in the apiary. It is also used in the “traps” of stray swarms. A special pheromone capsule is uncorked and placed in a trap.



  • The bait consists of the synthetic pheromone of the Nason's gland of worker bees, which use this pheromone to "tag" places so that these places are found by other bees.



  • Attracts bee swarms, prompts swarms to be vaccinated.


Instructions for the use of Apimam:

  • The drug is packed in a plastic tube, which is closed on the sides with cotton and hermetically sealed in a film.
  • Before using the bag with the bait should be perforated (to make holes) in 5-6 places. This will be enough to penetrate a sufficient amount of pheromone into the environment.

Swarm bait can be used in two ways:

  1. In a pre-prepared place at a height of about 3 meters, set the "trap" with the bait inside. The smell of pheromone attracts bees. Scout bees tell the queen bee about a suitable place to vaccinate the future swarm. When the swarm settles in the “trap”, it moves to the prepared beehive, and the trap with the bait is used to catch other swarms.
  2. If you do not have a “trap”, the bait belongs to a prepared hive, which is set near the apiary at a height of 2-3 meters. When the swarm settled, the bees are transported to a new place. The bait is transferred to the new hive and again set near the apiary.

After a long use of the bait, a plastic tube that will be in a perforated (holed) bag on one side can be uncorked.



  • 1 pack for 5 swarms.



  • 1 capsule per box



"EVROTOM" DOO, Serbia.