APIASC - Treatment for bee hives against many forms of fungi

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Product Information:

Apiasc is a wide spectrum anti-fungal treatment for bee hives. Although it effectively defends against many forms of fungi, Apiasc is especially effective against fungi such as Ascosphaera and Aspergillus. Ascosphaera is passed on by insect pathogens and in turn causes the chalkbrood disease within honey bees. Aspergillus fungi can also cause viral problems for the honey bee and is suspected to be the reason for the decreasing of honey bee numbers in many countries over the world.

Quantity and Procedure

The strips should be fitted inside at an average of 2 strips per ever 7 to 8 frames. We advise that the first strip is placed between the 3rd and 4th frame and the second placed between the 5th and 6th.

Prior to the beginning of treatment of your honey bees, the frames with highly affected brood should be removed and the infected bee families should be transferred into clean, disinfected hives. The nests in which the sick families have been transferred to should be cut and warmed and it is important to remember that even bee families without clinical signs of diseases are also subject to treatment. In the new nests the bees should be replaced with healthy queens to ensure normality. 

When fitting the strips, a hole should be pierced at around 1cm away from the edge of the strip and then threaded onto a thin metal wire of hairpin. Ensure to fit your strip in an upright position in the middle of the inter-frame area.

In terms of treatment duration, the process should be carried out at least 3 to 4 times in intervals of 6 to 7 days. Ensure to watch out for the clinical signs of disease when beekeeping and to appropriately dispose of i.e burn, any remnants of strips removed from your beehive. As well as this ensure to appropriately dispose of any hive garbage and podmore.

Special instructions:

Honey collected by the treated families should be pumped out and used for food 10 days after the final treatment.

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