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Spare blades for uncapping machine - 12v


It is intended for  printing honey frames. Very often beekeepers make their own devices and devices such as a wedge knife as a cutting element. 

The process of printing the honey frames provides for the cyclic operation of the wedge knife: cooling at the moment of cut of the honeycomb - and warming up while the beekeeper prepares the next frame. 
To protect against overheating, the heater has a 130 ° C thermal fuse.


Dimensions - 415x250x30 mm
Operating voltage - 12 V AC or DC
Power - 140 W (2 heaters of 70 W)
Operating temperature - 70-90 ° C
Heating time to operating temperature - 3-5 min.
Weight - 975 g

Dimensions of frames

Dadana-Blatta - 435x300 mm
Langstroth-Ruta - 435x230 mm
Shop half-frame - 435x145 mm