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Bipinamite 10 Ampules (2 packs)


Bipinamite Application:

  • The Drug  is used to combat varroa (varooz) bees.
  • One ampoule contains 1ml of solution.



  • The preparation contains amitraz (12.5%) as an active substance.
  • Transparent liquid without color or with a yellowish tinge with a specific smell.


Pharmacological Properties

  • Bipinamite has a systemic and contact acaricidal action against ticks of the genus Varroa. Bipinamite refers to compounds with moderate toxicity for warm-blooded animals (III hazard class).
  • The drug does not have a negative impact on the livelihoods of bee colonies and in the recommended concentrations does not affect their general condition, development and performance.



  • The tool is used to combat varroa (varooz) bees.



  • Not installed.



  • The drug is used in the form of an aqueous emulsion. A working emulsion is prepared by thoroughly mixing 1 ml of the preparation with 2 liters of clean drinking water.
  • The solution prepared in this way is used during the working day. Bee colonies are treated in the fall with a minimum amount of brood and during the formation of a bee club at an outdoor temperature not lower than 0 ° C.
  • Processing of bee colonies is carried out by small-drop irrigation of the drug emulsion on bees in the interframe space. The consumption rate of the working solution is 10 ml per one street of bees.
  • Recommended 2-fold application: the first treatment immediately after the end of the honey collection and pumping honey; the second - before setting up families for wintering (with the visible presence of varroa mites on adult bees).



  • Before mass treatment of the apiary, the drug must first be checked for safety for bees and therapeutic efficacy in 1-2 families, on 1-2 streets, followed by 24-hour monitoring of their condition.
  • An overdose of the drug is dangerous for bees.
  • Do not handle families with a force of less than 4-5 streets. Honey collected by the treated families is used for food on a common basis.



  • Dry, cool, dark place at a temperature of from 0°C to 30°C.
  • Expiration date - 3 years from the date of production.



  • O.L.KAR Ukraine



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